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Tommy Gainey Driver Swing

How are you defining someone as a great ball-striker or not? Phil was talking about the elevation differences and how that affected him with judging his distance. Latest Tips and Instruction.

However, he pushes his pelvis toward the ball near impact, not keeping his butt out and back like teaching pros suggest. So he has this very strong grip but then through the impact phase, drills that club in a straight line for longer before it closes over. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Anti-Method Golf - Tommy Gainey - Swing Analysis

It almost looks like he's getting ready to unload on a pitch he thinks is coming low and away. Show only Tour Striker items. He stopped well short of parallel. If everyone just watched those old bobby jones instruction tapes everyone would turn out to be a bubba Watson so that would be no good.

But have we even considered that it might instead be high time the pace of our busy lifestyles adapts to the game, rather than trying to force the pace of the game adapt to our lifestyles? After reaching parallel, John keeps lifting the right elbow and allows his arms to get extremely high. Is that he sets up very strong grip here, low right shoulder really aggressively tilted if we made a normal swing from there the hands would close over, the ball would go way left in the hook. He should be on your list.

Most modern golfers swing this way, but Tommy Gainey obviously does not. In this video we take a look at the functional swing of Tommy Gainey. If Tommy were to take the club all the way back and swing that fast, ts h493a driver even as strong as he is he wouldn't be able to stop his wrists from unhinging too early. Gainey is the perfect example that this beautiful game allows for an incredible amount of variation in technique. From this swing sequence you can see Gainey has a neutral stance but is very bent over at address.

Start your takeaway and allow the back of your club to push the second ball backwards. The overwhelming preference we have for riding in carts in the U. It could have been worse, but you know what, I've got two more days, so I'm going to try to get back in the situation tomorrow and just let it ride. It's definitely unorthodox, right?

Tommy gainey driver swing

Most pros use a interlocking grip for more control, but Jim uses a interlocking grip. But today was punishment for me because I swung at it terrible. If it was downhill, I'd consider taking less.

But instead of making the game faster, those carts are often only fueling our misperception of how slow the game is. Jim stands at address with his shoulders pointing well left of his foot line. People also do not have the proper take away anymore and they do not know how to achieve it. As he had an early release of the golf club, he quickly lifts his body up on his left foot and abruptly holds the club off from turning over an more, ending up is his notorious finish position. Many times we try to swing harder for some added distance but the result all too often is a poorly struck shot.

And I feel very fortunate to have been in that spot. Adam Scott being on top and Tiger Woods! This is from the Heritage back in April.

But I like seeing such an unorthodox to put it nicely swing in the mix. Weird that no one mentioned him either in my initial polling research. Lots of different ways to hit it, a lot depends on your body type.

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Most of Tommy Gainey's problems start with his excessively strong grip. Tommy has talent and is comfortable with his swing.

How to split fairways with your driver. Anyone knows that the he who uses the least effort has the most efficient swing. They swing back pretty far but don't unhinge the wrists too early. Lee picked the club up quickly and dropped it severely to come from the inside on the downswing.

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