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Windows 98 Drivers Update Utility

Occasionally, Windows might not be able to find a driver for your device. Windows menus and tooltips support slide animation. Indonesia Bahasa - Bahasa. Find out if there are any software or firmware updates available that will make the device work with Device Stage, and confirm that the device actually supports Device Stage. Windows Preinstallation Environment.

Occasionally, Device Stage might open but not display any or all tasks and information about the device. Did this solve your problem? ScanRegW tests the registry's integrity and saves a backup copy each time Windows successfully boots. Disk Cleanup can be automated for regular silent cleanups.

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Windows 98 drivers update utility

Your computer might not be connected to the Internet. Some updates require you to restart your computer. When you connect a device that's compatible with Device Stage to your computer, Device Stage will automatically open.

windows 98 drivers

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Components History Timeline Criticism. Multilink channel aggregation enables users to combine all available dial-up lines to achieve higher transfer speeds. Watson will intercept it and indicate what software crashed and its cause.

To install these optional updates, go to Windows Update in Control Panel, check for updates, and then view and install driver updates that are available for your computer. This results in more memory being available to run applications, and lesser usage of the swap file. Infrared Recipient, a new application for transferring files through an infrared connection is included. The registry uses less memory and has better caching. The system could be updated using Windows Update.

Windows 98 drivers

If Windows can't find a driver for your device It's best to let Windows install drivers automatically. You can check Windows Update at any time to see if it found new drivers and icons for your hardware, especially if you recently installed a new device. For instance, optional updates might include updated drivers that become available for hardware or devices you've already installed. Check to see if there's a message in Device Stage telling you that updated information is available, and then follow the instructions.

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Disk Defragmenter has been improved to rearrange program files that are frequently used to a hard disk region optimized for program start. Support for Windows Me also ended on this date.

It has e-mail confirmation for submitted reports. Windows Update will tell you if the updates were successfully installed. Users can configure the font in Notepad. However, hibernation support was extremely limited, and vendor-specific. Watson loaded in the system tray, whenever a software fault occurs general protection fault, hang, etc.


Introduced new startup and shutdown sounds. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski. This is a good way to make sure all your hardware and devices work properly. Cleanup locations are extensible through Disk Cleanup handlers. Workarounds and third-party patches are available to fix this shortcoming.

These details can make it easier for you to distinguish between similar devices that are connected to your computer, such as different mobile phones. Subscription required help. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. If you don't want to wait, try connecting the device again later. Device Stage is a new feature in this version of Windows that displays details about a device and tasks you can perform with that device. Windows Report Tool takes a snapshot of system configuration and lets users submit a manual problem report along with system information to technicians. Wait a few minutes and see if Device Stage is able to find the information, especially if this is the first time you've connected the device to your computer.

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To get all the available updates for your devices, periodically check Windows Update for all available updates, including optional updates. To turn on and configure Windows Update To get all important and recommended updates for your computer and your devices, make sure that Windows Update is turned on and configured properly. Windows can automatically check if there are drivers available for new devices that you connect to your computer. Imaging for Windows is updated. Windows Update tells you if an update is important, recommended, windows pe flash usb driver or optional.